Manual sleeve hitch kit

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In fact, we probably know plows better than anyone else in the industry.

Craftsman Garden Tractor Sleeve Hitch Tractor Attachments At Sears

After all, we’ve been manufacturing them for over 175 years!

Brinly-Hardy 42 in. <strong>Sleeve</strong> <strong>Hitch</strong> Tow-Behind Rear Blade-BB-56BH.

John Deere Sleeve Hitch - YouTube

Rotary tillers are great for breaking up small areas or for preparing seedbeds in already broken ground, but using a tiller to break previously untouched soil can be exhausting and labor intensive.

Brinly Sleeve Hitch Moldboard Plow Garden Tractor Implement

The 13 gauge steel coulter blade slices through sod and soil while the hardened steel plow effortlessly ds the 8"-10" furrow.

Manual sleeve hitch kit:

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