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Boiling water long enough will bacteria, but concentrates other contaminants, which can be a concern.

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So, if there is a chemical spill, a boil alert is not issued.

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About Aqua Nui Home Water Distillers Nobody Really Knows What is in Your Home’s Water Pollutants That Could Be In Your Water A Note About Legal Limits and Your Tap Water Nitrate Contamination in Shallow Ground Water Arsenic Concentrations in the United States Drinking Water You Have a Choice When It Comes To Drinking Water The Cost of Home Water Distillation Systems How Do You Choose a Water Distiller for Your Home? With over 45 years of experience, we offer the best countertop water distiller around.

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stainless steel water distillers for home use are built to last by Pure and Secure and are simply the best that money can buy.

Aquavie water distill manual:

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