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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tales of Symphonia for Nintendo Gamecube que Guide Written by Darth Marth Version 1.0 Started: Thursday, October 1, 2004 Finished: Monday, October 11, 2004 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Depending on what EX Ss they have equipped, characters will slowly turn to the cal or Strike (T and S) alnments as they battle.

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Table of Contents (press Ctrl F and type in the code next to the section to jump to it. They will learn the ques associated with the side they are on, but in most cases cant learn ques from both sides.

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Be aware, however, that you cant have all of them at once, even with the Tech Glitch illustrated in the final chapter.

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At the expense of que Points (or TP), characters (and enemies) can unleash powerful special attacks that help to speed the demise of enemies.

Tales of symphonia chronicles instruction manual:

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