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It's the L100 John Deere model which smiply means is a manual transmission. When NOT mowing, the blades are disengaged and you can vary the speed of the mower with both the gears and the throttle. Push brake/clutch pedal (A) all the way down to stop machine. Move transmission shift lever (B) to desired travel speed. (Sure, there's some funky universal symbol on the PTO lever, but I cannot fure what it's trying to show! Deere should have left that pictorial decal off the mower showing the to positions.

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Now, I never learned to drive a stick, but my wife did. This model (as with most manual riding mowers) has a clutch/brake. Now, the owner's manual, in an indefinite manner placing doubt in a new owner's mind, implies you do. Also, they should it a clutch-brake lever as opposed to clutch/brake lever.

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