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Their exhaustive database caters to almost all vehicles manufactured from the 1980s and onwards.

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They also offer information for even older vehicles but it is not quite as extensive and sometimes you have to call or chat with a representative in order to get what you need.

<strong>Chilton</strong> Auto <strong>Repair</strong> Manual Online Auto <strong>Repair</strong> <strong>Manuals</strong>. - Cengage

Chilton Auto Repair Manual Online Auto Repair Manuals. - Cengage

I consider this to be the best auto repair manual because it is the easiest to use (step by step instructions for troubleshooting and repairs) plus contains all the information you will need in one place (detailed diagrams, parts list and even prices for OEM components).

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Another good repair manual that is on the same level as Alldata (just not as good in my opinion) is called Mitchell1 or Ondemand5.

Free chilton repair manuals pdf:

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