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However, most chains ending in a crouch H will cause hard knockdown.

Approved Sets

-Easy Beat- press L x5 This is an auto chain combo that ends with a Heart Heat Attack.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle Character Move List Guide For the Sony Play Station 3 (NTSC-J) By Raul Torrez ( This FAQ is Copyrhted Work 2013-2014 Raul Torrez ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure and all related characters are registered trademarks and copyrhted by Hirohiko Araki and Lucky Land Communications. Character Move List [CML] Jonathan Joestar [C01] William A.

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=============================================================================== Table of Contents: =============================================================================== 1. Zeppeli [C05] Esidisi [C06] Wamuu [C07] Kars [C08] Jotaro Kujo [C09] Kakyoin Noriaki [C10] Jean-Pierre Polnareff [C11] Mohammad Avdol [C12] Hol Horse [C13] DIO [C14] Josuke Hashikata (Part 4) [C15] Okuyasu Nijimura [C16] Koichi Hirose [C17] Rohan Kishibe [C18] Akira Otoishi [C19] Kosaku Kawajiri [C20] Giorno Giovanna [C21] Bruno Buccellati [C22] Narancia Ghirga [C23] Guido Mista [C24] Diavolo [C25] Jolyne Kujo [C26] Hermes Costello [C27] Enrico Pucci [C28] Johnny Joestar [C29] Gyro Zeppeli [C30] Funny Valentine [C31] Josuke Hashikata (Part 8) [C32] Yoshikage Kira [DLC1] Shekiyo Yangu [DLC2] gy [DLC3] Pannacotta Fugo [DLC4] Lisa Lisa [DLC5] Joseph Joestar (Older) [DLC6] Narciso Anasui [DLC7] Vanilla Ice [DLC8] Ikuro Hashizawa (Baoh) [DLC9] 4. Closing and Credits [CAC] =============================================================================== 1. Introduction: [000] =============================================================================== Hi everyone! The purpose of this guide is to provide you with as much information on the characters of the game. Either way, Im positive itll be enough to hold over a few people. This is where Id go on about how much I love Jo Jos, but Ill spare everyone from that happening. If you found this guide helpful in anyway, feel free to consider sending a Pay Pal donation ( -Throw Escape- when grabbed, AA Only breaks regular throws, not command throws.

Sony hcb-150 user manual:

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