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Thank you for following me.ありがとう 2018/02/03This mod adds over 345 new, totally unique spells more than forty equally unique enemies, and a few magical items for the magic user.

Manually uninstalling the Security Agent SA in Worry-Free.

Most of the new spells are destruction, which are very flashy and powerful.

<i>Manually</i> <i>uninstalling</i> the Security Agent SA in Worry-Free.

Windows process - What is it? -

You can buy most of these as spell books from a mod added vendor and some of the unique items can be obtained by defeating the new, mod specific enemies!

Symantec Ghost --- not Uninstalling - Error "Unable to uninstall.

Player.setav waterwalking 0(In the case of me, it was settled in Player.setav waterwalking -1) Poison mist Cold Spear Electric Shock Whirlwind Air blast Cutting Wind Wind Cloak Gale Cloak Hurricane Absolute zero Blast Blizzard Rock Blast Boulder smash Burst rune Freeze rune Electric Shock Rune Eternal Force Blizzard Water Wave Cocytus Ifrit Caress Glacial Blizzard Eruption Earth Grave Poison Blow Comet Meteor Shower Thunder Rain Elemental Combination Flame Volley Ice Volley Wind Volley Earth Rune Natural Rune Blood Rune Elemental Rune The Eclipse Blood Fountain Blood Bullet Blood Burst Vampire Bat Cloak Vampire Bats Instigate Ether Strike Celestial star Hydro Stream Natural Prison Blade Storm Sky Spear Volcanic Thunder Storm Wrath of Earth Diamond Dust Thunder Storm Unlimited Flame Meteor Swram1.2Lava Wave Vortex Fire Tornado Sand Storm Pillar of Flame Icy Great Spear Ash Bullet Ash Blast Cloud of dust Poison Spray Miasma Acid Surge Dragon Flare Blizzard Breath Instant Blizzard Blaze Rune Ice Rune Lightning Rune Magicka Rune Wind Rune Meteor Rune Lightning strike Rune Geyser Rune Acid Bomb Poison Bomb Dark Orb Dark Hail Heavenly Thunder Frost Spike Earth Spike Ground Dasher Soul Crystal Slow Time Freeze Time Force Burst Ferocious tentacle Mora's Tentacle Tentacle Hell Lightning Beam Hyper Beam White dragon Breath Blizzard Cloak inferno Cloak Immolation Unleash Magic Lightning Whip Indignation Gravity Blessing Freeze Bomb Energy Drain Chaos Storm Forbidden Sun Undress Whirlwind Colorful Magic 1.25Magicka Ravage Ice Needle Vampiric Grip Mist of Death Curse Cloak Absorption Soul Absorption Energy Stream Magicka Cloak Lingering Flame Cold Flame Blade of Avenge J'zargo's Flame Cloak (safety)Great Fire Ball Frenzy Flame Frenzy Blizzard Frenzy Storm Elemental Storm Elemental Blast Dragslave Kamehameha Wrath of Thor Ragnarok1.26Thundercloud Cloak Conjure Blue Flame Atronach Conjure Blue Flame Great Atronach Conjure Blue Flame thrall Conjure Dark Flame Atronach Conjure Hell Flame Atronach Conjure Wind Atronach Conjure Wind thrall Conjure Earth Atronach Conjure Great Frost Atronach Conjure Heretic Dremora Lord Soul Taker Magicka Plunder Soul Breaker Bound Soul Breaker Summon Bahamut Summon Black Diamond Golem1.1Bound Fire Sword Bound Icy Mace Bound Lightning Axe Bound Mystic Bow Bound Shining Bow Bound Burn Blade Bound Frost Hammer Bound Thunder Axe Bound Blue Flame Katana Bound Wind Blade Conjure Flame Devil Conjure Frost Knight Conjure Great Storm Atronach Conjure Silent Moon Flame Atronach Conjure Sun Flame Atronach Summon Muramasa Blade Summon Poison Tree The False Moon Twilight's Call1.2Banishment Bound Flaming Katana Bound Shining Sword Bound Mystic Great Blade Bound Mystic Blade Bound Mystic Battle Axe Bound Crystal Sword Conjure Yeti Conjure Daedroth Conjure Black Daedroth Conjure Crimson Daedroth Conjure Golden Saint Conjure Dark Seducer Conjure Ebony Giant Conjure Alonne Knight Conjure Flame Dancer Conjure Snow Dancer Conjure Holy Elk Conjure Flame Wraith Conjure Jumping Spiders Conjure Cloaked Spiders Conjure Skeleton Champion Conjure Little Skeleton Conjure Giant Skeleton Conjure Skeleton Soldiers Conjure Skeleton Wheel1.25Bound Soul Eater Conjure Ice Wraith Conjure Snow Atronach Conjure Great Snow Atronach Conjure Spriggan Soldier Conjure Spriggan Sorcerer Conjure Spriggan Dragon Conjure Skull Knight Conjure Blades Ghost Conjure Ice Spector Conjure Flaming Horse Conjure Twin Succubus Conjure Grim Reaper Conjure Black Dragon Conjure Garm Conjure Fenrir Twin Summon Triple Summon Infinity Summon1.26Conjure Will-o-wisp Become Ethereal1.1Psychokinesis Guard Reinforce Might Reinforce Spell Reinforce1.2Dragon Fist Lightning Teleportation Magicka Conversion Magic Oil Super Magic Oil Ultra Magic Oil Grimoire Protection Water Protection Wall of Magnus 1.25Bubble Spell Counter Reflection Revenge Stone Body Fall Control Holy pillar Sun Flare Burst Sun Rune Force Wrath of the Gods Holy Cross Grand Cross Judgement1.2Great Holy Gift Cure Magic Protection Great Magic Protection Warmth Sanctuary Sacred Oath Emit Force 1.25Area Healing Magic Mirror Absolute Barrier Whiterun Arcadia's Cauldron under the eavesor Winterhold Merchant NPC Name : Pastel She sells spell books and scrolls of this MOD.

Manual uninstall ghost 8 console:

Rating: 96 / 100

Overall: 100 Rates