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Preschool eligibility teams must therefore consider the data gathered from standardized tests within the context of parent referral information, parent reports of the child’s behavior across settings, observational data, the results of criterion referenced assessments (for example, play assessments), and then apply their clinical judgment in making an eligibility determination (clinical judgment, however, should never be used to deny services to an otherwise eligible child).

Gesell Developmental Observation-Revised Administration and.

Once sufficient information is gathered to determine eligibility as developmentally delayed, the evaluation team may still have to do further evaluations to rule out or confirm other suspected disabilities such as autism.

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Additionally, a structured interview to identify the child’s strengths, weaknesses, and ability to participate in everyday activities is essential.

Appendix D - Tests of General Development and Specific.

) This introduction to preschool evaluations is not intended to provide a comprehensive guideline to all aspects of the evaluation and assessment components.

Gesell developmental observation scoring manual:

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