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Also--except in the case of Style Tap (the Palm emulator, which runs inside Win Mo)--since we are talking about re-flashing your i PAQ ROM, you mht end up with a totally bricked device at the end. Then again, you mht be totally successful, and learn some Linux while you are at it! I was not able to get good shots of Angstrom Linux, as the version I was able to get running is stripped down to simply a window manager.

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I apologize for having to take pix of Angstrom with my camera, but as I play with it more I’ll get it into a better confuration for a follow-up.

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I have several older i PAQ models just laying around, so why not have some fun with them, rht?


Several models have ready Linux builds that can be downloaded and installed via storage card or Active Sync connection.

Hp ipaq rx3700 manual:

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