Shadin fuel flow manual

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I've enjoyed electronic tachs, EGTs, navcoms, and even a Sandel-OMFG-it's-everything-in-one-instrument, please don't let me push the button that makes it turn into a microwave oven just as I'm intercepting the glideslope (okay I had a little trouble with that one, but not as much trouble as the poor guy who owned it and had hired me to help him pass his IFR renewal with it).

AS350B2 - Airbus Helicopters, Inc.

There's an instrument I've seen a few times, in airplanes I've flown once, or flown for short flhts, and never bothered to learn how to use, but now there's one installed in an airplane I will fly for work, so I'd better learn to use it properly.

JPI's FS-450 An End to an Aviator's Avgas Anxiety? - AVweb.

JPI's FS-450 An End to an Aviator's Avgas Anxiety? - AVweb.

Adventures of an Aviatrix, in which a pilot travels the skies and the treacherous career path of Canadian commercial aviation, gaining knowledge and experience without losing her step, her licence, or her sense of humour.

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Anything electronic is a newfangled after-market device not in the orinal aircraft specifications.

Shadin fuel flow manual:

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