Hohner piano accordion instruction manual

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The articles posted here on how to make specific types of repairs also include instructions on how to make the required tools.

Hohner Hohnica 1303 Piano Accordion

The most important things you need to repair your accordion are motivation, mechanical aptitude, some hand tools, a work table, a little coaching from someone with experience (like me), and good sources for the correct repair materials.

Songs for the Woodstock Kid's <em>Accordion</em> Woodstock


Kleines, altes Great Quality Hohner Akkordeon "Erica" funktioniert, aber ob gestimm Germany Made Hohner Erica model. -Well cared for over the years,beautiful condition!

Songs for the Woodstock Kid's Accordion Woodstock

You don’t need fancy tools or expensive electronic instruments to fix your accordion.

Hohner piano accordion instruction manual:

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