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Common Corvair 1960-69 Issues Transmission Modulator, Engine Overheating

A tachometer interface for the 60/62 Landcruiser can be machined into the kit as well.4BD1T / 2T to Small Block Ford $1350 Kit includes aluminum adapter plate, fully machined forged steel flywheel, starter, pilot bearing, bolts and oil filter relocation kit. Thios kit is made to order with a 2-3 week lead time to ship.

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Cummins to Jeep I-6 Stickshift $1350 This kit connects a 4BT directly to your Jeep AX15 or NV3550 5 speeds or NSG370 six speed.

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Kit includes aluminum adapter plate, forged and fully machined steel flywheel, pilot bearing and bolts. Isuzu to Cummins adapter $640 This popular kit bolts to your Isuzu engine allowing it to accept any adapter made for a B series Cummins engine.

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This kit was developed to use any Dodge Cummins stickshift or automatic transmission behind your Isuzu diesel. Available straight up or with the Isuzu engine tilted 7 degrees to the passenger side for added turbo and oil pan clearance.

Engine auto-shift manual transmission ac generator:

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