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Review by Darren Griffin Holux GPSlim (GR-236) Si RFStar III Bluetooth Receiver Globalsat were first to market with a Si RFStar III receiver, the BT338 but at last there is competition arriving.

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Holux have produced the GPSlim GR-236, a smart looking Si RFStar III receiver that has a number of unique features including a user replaceable battery and the option of using it in USB Mouse mode with an accessory cable available as an optional extra.

<em>Holux</em> <em>GPSlim</em> GR-236 Review - Pocket <em>GPS</em> World

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Holux UK have kindly supplied a unit for review and here we'll discuss how it measures up.

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But I will say that if you are considering a GPS purchase then you should not consider any other chipset.

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